Established by  partnership of MSA,( mashine sazi arak)  Kanaz consulting Engineering co. and Petrotam Tech Co., Akaam oil and gas consortium officially started its activities in designing and executing CNG transportation projects in 2016.

As Iran's leading private company in  design and constrution CNG Pressure Reducing Unit, Akaam has diligently contributed to the progress of this important field in country gas industry.Akaam is honored to play an effective role in CNG transportation projects in the country, in its less than 4 years presence.

Another main field which Akam considered vecently are flare Gas Recoverying projects Considering the fact that Oil Ministry has paid special attention to gathering, refineing & processing flare gases which leads to both decrease in greenhouse gas and recover of the flare gas as a national treasure, Akaam specifically entered such projects from 2018.

Akaam activities mostly include:

  • Engineering,procurement, construction and operating CNG (compressed natnral Gas) transportation projects
  • Designing and mannfacturing skids for transportation of pressurized gas
  • Localization of designing and construction CNG Pressure Reducing (Regulating) Units (PRU) to deliver natural gas to consumption stations (urban & villages gas supply network, industries, etc.) in proper conditions
  • Designing and manufacturing pressure reducing & regulating systems for Ethane gas and transportation systems for the pressurized Ethane to be delivered to consumption points (refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.)
  • Designing and construction systems for recoverry and processing flare gases