Gas Transportation Projects (CNG style)

Traditional gas transportation style i.e. using pipelines, doesn’t feasible for some areas. Besides entailing environmental pollution and wasting resources, using pipelines is not financially  feasible, especially when it comes to remote or impassable areas like mountainous or woodsy lands which makes piping much more difficult. Therefor planning for other alternatives including CNG becomes more important than ever. In CNG method initially gas is pressurized up to 3000 PSI by compressors in mother station and its volume is reduced 60 to 225 times in standard  condition and is injected into special containers (CNG cylinders). Then the cylinders are carried by trailers & trucks equipped with skids to daughter station. At destination (daughter station) using CNG Pressure Reducing Unit (PRU) which consists of piping equipment, regulators, control valves, thermal transducers, heaters, control systems and metering units, the gas is injected to urban/rural gas network with almost 60 PSI pressure.

Capturing Flare Gas - Exploitation Unit Naftshahr-Sumar

In often of chemical processes like those occur in oil & gas refineries and petrochemical plants, gas  flaring network is one of the means for safety and pressure control, in the last section of which stands flare stack. In this network extra gases are collected from different units and are sent to flare stack to be burnt off; much of them are of high value as fuel. Also in some cases they can be used as feedstock for other units. Obviously burning off these gases in flare stack not only causes environmental problems like pollution, smoke, unpleasant odor & noise, but also is a waste of economic resources. Therefor evaluating the possibility of recycling flare gas in industrial plants is of special importance. In accordance with this attitude, Akaam oil and gas Co. has entered this area with a special approach and at the moment is executing the designing and engineering phase of  recovering flare gas in  De-salting unit of Naftshahr-Sumar. By endeavors of experts and valuable experiences of management team, in this project we are to do: conceptual, basic & detailed design, supplying &  construction equipment, execution of (launching the) units that take in flare gas as feedstock and change it to a product (natural gas condensate, LPG, Ethane) that has acceptable specifications of petrochemical plants.