Designing and manufacturing CNG pressure reducing system

Referring to successful conduction of CNG transportation projects to Rineh city in Mazandaran province (closest city to Damavand peak) as well as villages of Pari district in Mahneshan, Zanjan province, this company has the ability to design and construct CNG pressure reducing system and is ready to provide technical and engineering services in this field.

Designing and construction of CNG Pressure Reducing Unit stations

Depending on the experiences Akaam had in construction and execution of gas transportation projects, all steps of designing, procurement and construction of the station can be performed in the shortest possible time by skillful technicians and  qualified staff of this company. Observing safety requirements & standards of Iran’s national gas company and subsidiary companies, Akaam’s specialists have the ability and knowledge to design , construction, and erection such units.

Operating and maintenance of CNG Pressure Reducing Unit Stations

Since installation and commissioning CNG  pressure reducing unit in Rineh city in 2017  and continues providing natural gas for Rineh residents, specialists and technicians of Akaam held the responsibility of maintenance and  operation of the station as well. Due to very low temperature (around -150 c) and geographical location of Rineh and mountainy routs of access to the district, providing gas for Rineh has been facing numerous challenges; however, with the efforts of Akaam staff, natural gas is being supplied nonstop for the residential area. Akaam is ready to manage operation of similar projects in country.

Designing and construction metering and monitoring station for Pressure Reducing Unit

Considering the last two experiences in  construction CNG pressure reducing unit in Rineh district in Mazandaran province & Pari village in Zanjan province, and since metering and monitoring station is one of the main parts of such projects (Pressure Reducing Units), technical knowledge of designing and  construction metering and monitoring units is available in Akaam.

  • Equipping trailer chassis & truck with CNG cylinder skids and manufacturing  movable and fixed skids for CNG transportation

Equipping trailer chassis and truck with CNG cylinders is carried out in 2 ways in Akaam Company :

  1. The first method is for districts where trailer traffic is impossible, where skids with 2500 m3 capacity are made and installed on trucks, filled with 200 Bars pressure in mother CNG station(mother station), and transferred to daughter station and are   unloading from trailer chassis by lifting jack in daughter station and are put on the unloading system. Then  discharging and injecting gas to residential area, as done in Rineh station.

  2. In second method 4 or 5 CNG cylinder skids are installed on a trailer chassis.  skids are filled with 200 Bars  CNG in mother station and then unloaded in daughter station Then CNG is injected to residential area gas network as one Pari district in Zanjan province. In this method each trailer has almost 5000 m3 capacity of NG.

Designing and building skids of CNG cylinders

These skids are used for transportation of CNG between mother and daughter gas stations. Considering the volume of the  required gas and capacity of CNG cylinders, special arrangement of cylinders is performed for each skid (basket). Totally built in the workshop of this company, skids are designed based on  their metal structure strength and loads  of cylinders’ movement and inertia while the trailer is in motion.

Designing, supplying and building piping system

Considering the  conducting of the two gas pressure reducing unit projects in Zanjan & Mazandaran, carried out in EPC form, all phases of engineering design,  construction and  procurement including designing  process documents, preparing equipment datasheets, supplying goods, designing and  construction piping system based on standards of ASME B31.3 & Iran national gas company, are performed by Akaam company.